Project Planning & Organization

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Site & Feasibility Analysis

We assist the Owner in evaluating potential sites for their design requirements and identify the pros and cons of each alternative.  Current site conditions, schedule and costs are examined for each location.

Design Intent & Scope

We document the Owner’s intended scope, budget, schedule and expected level of quality of the project.

Preliminary Master Budget

With work with the Owner to establish a preliminary budget to act as a base model for all construction and non-related construction costs for the project.

Preliminary Master Schedule

We establish a preliminary schedule from pre-design phase, through construction and final closeout of the project. Procurement for long lead-time items are identified.  Updates are made monthly to the schedule.

Project Team Functions

We delineate and specify the roles and functions of each member of the project team, which include the Owner, The Rockridge Group, design professionals, consultants, and contractor(s).

Consultant Selection

We assist the Owner in the selection of optimal consultants for the project.  We develop scope of services for each consultant and manage the request for proposal process.  We review proposals, conduct interviews and advise Owner in selecting the appropriate consultants.  Contract business terms are negotiated on behalf of the Owner and in conjunction with Owner’s council.

Organization & Reporting

One of the keys to our success is our ability to seamlessly manage the entire project team and construction process.  As needed, we conduct, chair, and take minutes of weekly project meetings with all pertinent team members.  Issues relating to design, budget, procurement and scheduling are discussed and resolved.  All minutes, including any documentation regarding Owner decisions, are then distributed to team members for reporting and feedback purposes.

The Owner plays a critical role within the project team of any capital project.  Their performance and decision-making skills are as much responsible for a project’s success as are the designers, consultants, and builder.

As an integral member of the Ownership team, an Owner can leverage the years of development, construction, and first-hand ownership experience of The Rockridge Group. They can rely on our deep understanding of real estate finance, design and constructability issues, and major decision-making processes at the ownership level.

Directly involved in all stages of the project, The Rockridge Group diligently works to protect the Owner’s interests, and orchestrate on their behalf, a project built to the highest of standards and maximum value.integrated suite. We deliver significant value through end-to-end solutions encompassing the acquisition, planning, entitlement, development, construction, and closeout stages of a project.