Pre Construction Phase

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Design Vision & Objectives

In coordination with the architect, we help the Owner qualify and quantify their design vision and program objectives using existing site conditions, preliminary budget, and schedule constraints.

Due Diligence

In conjunction with all necessary members of the design team, a detailed due diligence review is conducted to document and assess existing conditions, conduct environmental studies, and probe building systems.

Design Development

A transitional phase where we work closely with the architect, engineers, and specialty consultants to bring the Owner’s design and program requirements through schematic and design phase, and then ultimately into the construction document phase.  We facilitate the process and work with the consultants to confirm and help crystalize the Owner’s program, schedule, and budget requirements.

Budget Development

At project inception, a Master Budget is created.  As the project moves through design phases, estimates of constructability and finishes are evaluated to decipher where cost savings can occur. We continually update the budget to allow the Owner to make educated decisions.


We prepare and maintain a master project schedule that incorporates all design phases, approvals, tenant relations, construction activities, procurement, and turn over to Owner.  We establish critical paths, key decision dates and track planned work to actual progress.  We work with the project team and devise strategies to overcome obstacles that adversely impact the schedule.  The schedule is also set up as a tool to inform the Owner of future funding requirements.

Approvals & Permits

During the preconstruction phase, we manage and organize the approval and permitting process by coordinating the efforts of the architect, engineer and consultants to provide the necessary paperwork and plans needed by the jurisdictional authorities.

Contract Negotiation & Bidding

We negotiate the business terms of contracts with all consultants, contractors and vendors, and then work with client’s counsel to complete negotiations.  As part of the bidding process, we prepare requests for proposals in order to receive competitive bids, analyze and clarify responses, conduct interviews, and make recommendations to the Owner for selection.

The Owner plays a critical role within the project team of any capital project.  Their performance and decision-making skills are as much responsible for a project’s success as are the designers, consultants, and builder.

As an integral member of the Ownership team, an Owner can leverage the years of development, construction, and first-hand ownership experience of The Rockridge Group. They can rely on our deep understanding of real estate finance, design and constructability issues, and major decision-making processes at the ownership level.

Directly involved in all stages of the project, The Rockridge Group diligently works to protect the Owner’s interests, and orchestrate on their behalf, a project built to the highest of standards and maximum value.integrated suite. We deliver significant value through end-to-end solutions encompassing the acquisition, planning, entitlement, development, construction, and closeout stages of a project.