Post Construction Phase

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We work and coordinate with the Owner to make moving in a seamless process.  We integrate on-site delivery and manpower with the Contractor to streamline the process.

Certificate of Occupancy

There can be a substantial length of time between the issuance of Temporary Certificate of Occupancy and the Final Certificate.  We work with all members of the project team to make sure all necessary inspections, reporting, and documentation are completed to ensure timely receipt of the Final Certificate of Occupancy.

Warranty and Operations & Maintenance

We will gather and compile all applicable product manufacturer and workmanship warranties, along with all applicable operations and maintenance manuals for the Owner.  We will act on behalf of the Owner to make sure all warranty obligations are met for equipment and building products that do not meet their intended use.

The Owner plays a critical role within the project team of any capital project.  Their performance and decision-making skills are as much responsible for a project’s success as are the designers, consultants, and builder.

As an integral member of the Ownership team, an Owner can leverage the years of development, construction, and first-hand ownership experience of The Rockridge Group. They can rely on our deep understanding of real estate finance, design and constructability issues, and major decision-making processes at the ownership level.

Directly involved in all stages of the project, The Rockridge Group diligently works to protect the Owner’s interests, and orchestrate on their behalf, a project built to the highest of standards and maximum value.integrated suite. We deliver significant value through end-to-end solutions encompassing the acquisition, planning, entitlement, development, construction, and closeout stages of a project.