Construction Administration Phase

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Project Site Meetings

Our primary role during this phase is to manage and document the flow of information.  We prepare meeting agendas, chair weekly site meetings with the contractor and consultants, and prepare detailed minutes that track actions to be taken by project team members.  We attend, if required, contractor’s trade coordination meetings, as well as conduct any other necessary meeting during the design, construction, and close-out phases.

Site Safety

Safety is the first priority on any construction site.  We monitor the construction manager or general contractor’s adherence to safety protocols and document instances of non-conformity.  On larger and more complex projects, special site-safety consultants are required; we work with these consultants to ensure safety regulations are met.

Change Order Review

We make sure construction contracts carry a complete scope of work and detailed unit costs in order to effectively negotiate proposed change orders when they occur.  In addition, we carefully review and analyze any change order to determine the validity of the request.

Requisition Review

We review and carefully examine all requisitions for payment.  Prior to recommending payment by Owner, we ensure receipt of partial and final lien waivers.

Construction Monitoring

During construction, we manage the General Contractor or Construction Manager.  We routinely visit the job site to monitor the progress of the construction, verify if the schedule is being adhered to, and work with the project team to help mitigate any internal or external factors that impede the progress of the work.  We continually update the Master Schedule by incorporating weekly contractor and vendor schedules into it, and then monitor progress against the updated schedule.

Inspections & Testing

Special testing and inspection of building components such as concrete, steel, plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems are required by jurisdictional authorities.  We coordinate with the design consultants, contractor, and third-party testing agencies to ensure these inspections are performed.

Systems & IT Integration

Information technology and Audio Visual integration is an integral part of any modern day construction project.  Working within the scope of the Owner’s technology requirements and budget, we manage the selection of IT, security, acoustical, and A/V consultants and vendors.  We coordinate its installation schedule with the construction schedule to ensure on time completion.

Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment

We organize and manage the Owner’s selection of furniture, fixtures and equipment that are critical elements within a project, and then coordinate their procurement and installation within the construction schedule. During the design phase, we highlight FF&E items that require long lead times in order to avoid delays during the construction and close-out phases.

Close-Out & Punch List

Upon nearing substantial completion of the project, we monitor and oversee the architect and contractor in their preparation and completion of punch-lists, operating manuals, equipment warranties, as-built documentation, and substantial completion documentation.  Prior to final payment by the Owner, we will oversee final testing and start-up of utilities, operational systems, and equipment, as well as ensure punch-list items are in compliance with contract documents.

Sign-Offs & Temporary Certificate of Occupancy

In order to receive a temporary certificate of occupancy, final inspections of the work must be made by the Building Department and other municipal authorities.  We coordinate with the architect, contractor, and expeditor to schedule and oversee the final inspection and sign-off process.

The Owner plays a critical role within the project team of any capital project.  Their performance and decision-making skills are as much responsible for a project’s success as are the designers, consultants, and builder.

As an integral member of the Ownership team, an Owner can leverage the years of development, construction, and first-hand ownership experience of The Rockridge Group. They can rely on our deep understanding of real estate finance, design and constructability issues, and major decision-making processes at the ownership level.

Directly involved in all stages of the project, The Rockridge Group diligently works to protect the Owner’s interests, and orchestrate on their behalf, a project built to the highest of standards and maximum value.integrated suite. We deliver significant value through end-to-end solutions encompassing the acquisition, planning, entitlement, development, construction, and closeout stages of a project.